Weather You Like It

Babys first Buffett concert. Otherwise known as I brought my own beach ball ;-)

30 weeks! Whoa baby.

The little one is doing well at 28 weeks!

Got to Blackwater Falls State Park only to find out they made a mistake on our cabin reservation. They offered this as the alternative. We’re roughing it. ;-)

Week 25! :)

Thunderstorm moves right over the office, all of the meteorologists run outside. Nickle - sized #hail ftw

Hey there baby! - 23 weeks.

Life can be a whirlwind…

So as you can see, my tumblr has been neglected for several months, minus the occasional instagram post…mostly about running. And those running posts are few and far between.

Why? Do you ask? Well…here’s why…


credit for the top photo comes from my wonderful wedding photographer, Stephanie Wales of Stephanie Wales Creative Imagery

Marriage. House. Baby. All in the span of 8 months! After 11 years of long distance, my long time boyfriend now husband and I decided to make up for lost time. I kid of course, because after 11 years of wondering whether any of this would ever happen, we are happy to finally start the life and family we both wanted. We were blessed to find the perfect house and close on it right around our wedding date. And since then, we’ve had another blessing - we are due with our first child in September. I’m just so happy that all of our patience has finally paid off. There have been several bumps in the road from the beginning to now, and even in the last 8 months our relationship has been tested.  But every difficult event makes us stronger.

This is obviously the cliff-notes version of everything that has happened and I do hope that I can elaborate more on some of the personal events that occurred during my absence as I go forward. I will say that running has taken a back seat for now, but that doesn’t mean I have nothing to talk about. I want to use this blog to keep a record of some of the experiences through the remainder of my pregnancy and also, to continue to follow all of those I’ve been following.

Mr Bill is one of our mascots at work. Actually I’m not sure where he came from, he’s been hanging on the balloon shelter for weeks.

All the medals! #glassslipperchallenge