Weather You Like It

She’s grabbing the bottle! #toosoon

Love those eyes…

Yay one month! Yes those are Pittsburgh Pirate booties. Too bad they aren’t good luck tonight.


"And on the third night you shall be visited by the Pumping Angel who will bestow upon you gifts of lactation cookies and People Magazines."


Celebrating her 3 week birthday with cuddles on the couch.

Emily is either practicing the Heisman trophy pose or disco dancing…

She’s celebrating our anniversary too. Representing NH well. ;-)

She looks so tiny in the infant car seats…

Emily Morgan born August 31, 2014 at 9:57PM. 5lbs 8oz 17.5 inches. She is a little butt kicker. <3

Compression sleeves are good for more than running. Yucky swollen feet! #pregnancyproblems