Weather You Like It

Aww yeah…The Cadillac of jogging strollers. Pretty stoked about this purchase.

Baby says hello at 34 weeks. Estimated weight - 5lbs

32 weeks.

I miss running

I have to say that it has been very hard to be MIA from running for such a long time. I know that this pregnancy is worth it but it has still been hard. Running was my coping mechanism from stress more so than any other sport. I look forward to running again as soon as I can in the fall. Until then, my husband might just have to deal with some occasional crazy.

Babys first Buffett concert. Otherwise known as I brought my own beach ball ;-)

30 weeks! Whoa baby.

The little one is doing well at 28 weeks!

Got to Blackwater Falls State Park only to find out they made a mistake on our cabin reservation. They offered this as the alternative. We’re roughing it. ;-)

Week 25! :)

Thunderstorm moves right over the office, all of the meteorologists run outside. Nickle - sized #hail ftw